​The Tsalagi Indigenous, Native American, Association of Tribal Nations

All Mound Builders, All Iroquois, All Indios People!



In the early 1400's, an amazing thing happened when worlds collided and the culture and traditions of first nation peoples were threatened with extinction! The world of authocthonous people; the aborignial people of Mother Earth, ELOHI. were being subjugated to life threatening measures to forever forget their physical and spiritual existence of being the stewards to protect her from being changed forever! The Tsalagi People were one of many communities from the coastal regions of continental  Africa, to the shores of Bharhut, (India) that suffered from the brutal attacks of European invaders called Conqistadors! This became a time when the original people of Earth were being forced to alter their cultural and traditional lifestyles to preserving Mother Earth as planned and ordered by"Unehlanuhi," The Great Soul! What a great and majestic title that was bestowed upon our first mother along with her sister planets when they made their maiden voyage through space! Although the orbits may never change, the lives of Authocthenous have been changed drastically leaving them displaced from their land and life giving lifestles! From that time on we have been working our way back to being a productive, peace loving people dedicated to answering to the call of the "Great Soul" to build a better world. As all authocthehous people were one people at one time, we were given names by the Europeans that have confused many to their true identities creating division and derision amongst us. When we realize that the our responsibilities to saving Elohi have not changed we will come together on our similarities to learn of our differences! We invite all to join us only under the banner of building the unity that will allows us to be successful in our jobs as Elohi's chosen stewards! We are in the Twelf Hour! Lets not tarry, lets make it home!  

Who Is She?

She is the essence of life itself! She is the ground in which the seeds of life germinate to bring forth all sustenance of every living being and creature! It is with her love that she provides a firm home where the confidence and safety of her strong embrace sets the precedence for life to be born in a perpetual motion.. She   nurtures through the love. of her every creation. She serves the purpose of every creation by providing the ultimate survival called life! Her progeny are the trees, the grass, the fish, the cows, the birds, the elephants, the flowers; El Khuluum, The All! They are the extension of how she looks, smells and feels when the time calls for the meaning of her purpose to support life! She is everything! No greater provider of safety support and security does she demonstrate, in her ever increasing efforts to provide for every offspring that she brings forth! To the higher calling of her greatest creation, she provides every need to human beings that she only asks for the one thing that she expects in return, " fair exchange is no robbery!"  Take care of her and she will take care of you!!!! This is true love and is the true calling that any man should be longing to provide when he falls in love with a woman! Earth is our first mother just as women were first on Earth! Though she continues to in her majestic glory, she weeps from the pain of her destruction at the hands of men who work to destroy her progeny. Tsalagi Nation is here to share in the repair and preservation of our firts mother. We are here to continue in bringing hope at the beginning of this trail that used to bring us tears! Join us to bring the light back to the end of trail and lets start with hope and joy of a new beginning!!!!

What Is The Mission?

In considering the condition of life on Elohi as we know it, Mother is reeling from the horror of coviid-19 which has successfully decimated the very essence of the world uniting in both social and business encounters! Every condition of human existence has been escalated to the point of utter destruction.. We must bring back the sanctity of life and identify the true creator and understand her purpose as well as the purpose of man. It is without a doubt that man germinates the egg with a seed that is imbued with the light of his wisdom and knowledge. If we are to succeed in healing our first mother we must come to learn and overstand the problem that exists! Both men and woman must come to make the greatest attempt at improving their quality of life to improve the sanctity of the family, which is the first nation! Each gender must truly come to overstand our true nature as spiritual creatures. and forge forward to protecting the woman and the child if we are to have a future! without either, there will be no one to carry on and no one to regenerate those lost in the violent interactions that are ongoing and are escalating daily with ever increasingly new ways to destroy all life on earth! For all those who wish to build a better Amirica, a better world, meet at the rally point to egress to our home on the land! 




When you're a nation you're like a pack of wolves; you will value your loyalty to each other by living, by, for and of each other to the end!"

 Chief Goldfalcon Thunderbird


 "The Softness of our women is a wisdom of peace all its own! Our women are the primary essence of building a nation! She is the portal to the future; she is the creator of life; She is the peace keeper with the wisdom to bring every one under one roof through her home making, through the genius of her cuisine, through her spirit of bringing everyone together at one table to discuss the day for the planning of a nation tomorrow; she is woman! She is the essence of life itself that must be protected! "

Chief Goldfalcon Thunderbird