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 September 26, 20199

 The prophecy of the ages is where all prophecies will culminate is their purpose to finalize the elimination of man on planet Earth! Have you asked, what is the name of your mother? What was your answer? ‚Äč



 Who is the Canaanite ! In the discovery of the words called the pure pages that were stored in the LIbraries at Kemet and often confused with the term, " Libraries at Alexandria, in Egypt" it was even the Canaanite who found value of what he encountered when he came upon the "PURE PAGES," known as no other collection of truth, called the Suhuffan! It was when the Canaanite, through his prior disobedience as members of the one time 12 tribes that emanated from the lineage of Ibriyhiym (Abraham), had settled in the region of the North Eastern European Mountain Chain, called the "Caucasus Mountains that he began to transform into a being that was less the skin and brain melanin that transformed him into the race that we know today as the, "CAUCUS-ASIANS" or the CAUCASIANS! These people were actually the end results of what manifests as a disease called leprosy! The state in which it left the rebellious members who had violated the 613 commandments or HEBRAIC LAWS OF IBRIYHIYM, resulted in the curse which caused them to deteriorate, loosing skin color, hair texture and the right reasoning! Caucasian means, DETERIORATED BLACK MAN! Leprosy is a debilitating skin disease which has morphed into the more recognizable daily skin afflictions such as, eczema and pseborrhea, psoriasis, acne, skin tags, roseacea, herpes and even cancer. Other diseases that were the by product of this terminal race of people were mental disorders of all kinds such as schizophrenia, psychosis, neurosis, dyslexia, bipolar conditions as well as autism. These mental conditions had literally robbed the white mans's ability to even love or respond with the pure logic of anything other than outright survival! It is because they have lost this ability to exercise a contrite nature that they exercise a deliberate role in destroying creation through all forms of exploitation that has led to murder and destruction of entire civilizations. Despite the evidence of their horrid behavior, throughout the ages, they have also exercised a tendency to chronicle their history through periods of development with violence and destruction that begins with the prehistoric era, to the Renaissance, period of exploration to the industrial period  all the way through to what we now call, the modern industrial age. It is through their development through these different historical periods earmarked by the very "WORD, HISTORICAL" THAT "HIS STORY" IS THE ONE THAT IS BEING TOLD AND NOT THAT OF THE ABORIGINAL RACE OF NUBIANS, OR WHAT IS INAPPROPRIATELY CALLED, "BLACK PEOPLE!" It is because he is the conquering agent that he turned out knowledge and instructions from it being the CHARACTERISTICS OF A SUPREME GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO WERE WORSHIPED INTO A PEOPLE WHO NOW WORSHIP HIM! It was through his inability to form rational reasoning that he created, "RELIGION" from our SUHUFFAN and convinced us that we were sinners who always fell short of the glory of their religious idol that they coined as G.O.D. FROM THEIR LACK OF OVERSTANDING, THEY MORPHED INTO A PEOPLE WHO THROUGH THEIR INEPTITUDE AND LACK OF CONTRITION BECAME FEARFUL OF ANYTHING, EVEN EACH OTHER! BECAUSE OF THEIR LOSS OF BRAIN MELANIN! THIS; LOSS OF WHAT CAN BE CONSIDERED THE ULTIMATE INGREDIENT THAT SUPPORTS OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, THEY ARE A PEOPLE WHO ARE WITHOUT A SOUL AND WHOSE BEHAVIOR HAS PRECIPITATED DISEASE AND VIOLENCE AS EVIDENCED BY THEIR HISTORY FOR THE PAST 450 YEARS ON THE AMERICAN CONTINENT ALONE! IT IS ESPECIALLY NOTED THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT IMPOSED PANDEMIC OF THE CORONA VIRUS, LABELED COVID19 THAT HAS AGAIN WREAKED HAVOC UPON THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.  WHAT SHOULD ESPECIALLY BE NOTED IS THE FACT THAT AS THE CANAANITE IS GROWING IN HIS STRENGTH TO CURTAIL ALL ACTIVITIES TO PROTECT THEIR GROWTH, ABORIGINALS ARE TAKING THE VERY COURSE OF HIS GROWTH THROUGH RELIGION AND IDENTITY AND GROWING WEAKER! ABORIGINALS ARE GIVING THEIR SPIRITUAL NATURE TO ABSORB A PHYSICAL IMAGE OF THEIR GOD AS BEING WHITE AND THE CANAANITE IS ABSORBING THE PHYSICAL IMAGE OF A FEAR FOR US TO SEE THAT OUR STRENGTH IS IN BEING MELANATED. EACH FACTION IS GROWING IN THEIR STRENGTH SUPPORTING EACH OTHERS IDENTITY AS CANAANITES WHILE ABORIGINALS ARE SEPARATING FROM THEIR CULTURES AND TRADITIONS AND WEAKENING IN THEIR UNITY! CANAANITES REALIZED THAT THEIR STRENGTH IN WHAT THEY CAME TO FOLLOW IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BY CONSTANTLY BEING ON THEIR KNEES WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED TALKING INTO THE AIR; THEY HAVE COME TO REALIZE THAT THEY LIVE IN A PHYSICAL WORLD AND THAT ANYTHING THAT IS GOING TO BE ACCOMPLISHED WILL BE THROUGH THEIR PHYSICAL EFFORTS EVEN IF THEY HAVE TO KILL SOMEBODY TO TAKE IT! IT WAS MADE VERY APPARENT FROM THE GREEK INVASION OF KEMET THAT THEIR OBSERVATIONS OF THE NUBIANS THAT THEY ENCOUNTERED WERE THE BEST EXAMPLES OF HUMAN KIND THAT THEY HAD EVER SEEN; SO MUCH SO THAT THE GREEKS RENAMED KEMET, EGYPT, (AEGYPTIOS) MEANING LAND OF BURNT FACES! IT WAS ESPECIALLY AFTER THEIR WITNESSING WHAT WAS IN THE PYRAMIDS THAT THEY HAD TO STEAL EVERY PIECE OF LITERATURE AND SCIENCE THAT THEY COULD FIND CALLING IT THEIR OWN WHERE MEN LIKE ARISTOTLE, PLATO, SOCRATES, THESPIUS PLAGIARIZED AND CLAIMED TITLE TO THE CREATION OF EVERY PIECE OF SCIENCE AND INVENTION THAT THEY HAD FOUND INSIDE THE PYRAMIDS. IN FACT, IT WAS UPON REALIZING THAT A PYRAMID IS CONSTRUCTED OF OVER 1,200,000 PERFECTLY CUT STONES WEIGHING 2000 TO 3000 POUNDS CUT FROM QUARRIES OVER 300 MILES AWAY, THAT THE GREEKS GAVE THE NUBIANS THREE NAMES, (G)OMER- BEAUTIFUL/ (O)Z-STRONG/ (D)EBAR-KNOWLEDGEABLE COINING THE TERM GOD! THE GREEKS TOOK THIS CONCEPT BACK TO GREECE WHERE THEY FORMED A RELIGION CALLED CHRISTIANITY AND CATHOLIC FROM THE CAT / HOLISTIC/ RELIGION! THEY APPLIED THE NAME, "JA-ZEUS" PROCLAIMING ZEUS AS THEIR FATHER OF THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO THEY REVERED AS SACRED AND POWERFUL INDIVIDUALS CALLING JA-ZEUS, JESUS! "THEY WERE FIRST CALLED CHRISTIANS IN ANTIOCH!" ANTIOCH IS IN GREECE! THE SUHUFFAN OR SCROLLS STOLEN FROM THE LIBRARIES AT KEMET WERE MISTRANSLATED INTO A BOOK SUBSEQUENTLY NAMED, "THE BIBLE!" AS WE WERE ONCE SUPREME BEINGS, WHO WERE WORSHIPED, WE BOWED TO NO ONE OR NOTHING! IT WAS WHEN ENOCH LOST HIS FRIEND, ZACHARIAH, THAT HE MISSED HIM SO MUCH THAT HE CREATED A STATUE OF ZACHARIAH AND PLACED HIM IN A CLOSET WHERE HE WOULD GO TO TALK TO WHEN HE GOT LONELY, MISSING HIS FRIEND THAT WAS THE BEGINNING OF OUR END. THAT ACT OF ADMISSION BECAME THE RITUAL OF "CONFESSION" IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH WHILE WE FELL FROM OUR SUPREME NATURE CHASING ALL THE FRIVOLOUS THINGS THAT THE CANAANITE HAS PLACED IN FRONT OF US! IT HAS REDUCED US TO BEING ENOSITES, NO LONGER SUPREME IN OUR NATURE; SLAVES! 

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January 15, 2019